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Composite Cladding

What if there was a siding that didn't fade or crack, was truly solid and strong, gave you a rigid wall line, and had the look and feel of real wood? What if there was a siding that looked as good in fifty years as the day it was purchased?


There is such a siding. It's exclusive in the state of Arkansas, and Hanke Brothers is the only company who carries it.


What is CedarMAX Insulated Siding?

Hanke Brothers CedarMax Insulated Siding is a complete wall system that integrates exclusive Super Polymer Formulation with rigid foam insulation for a solid, contoured, fitted installation for your home that goes beyond ordinary siding.

Maximum Value

Maximum Energy Savings

CedarMAX Insulated Siding provides superior insulation and energy efficiency compared to conventional siding. Save up to 20% on your energy bill. We guarantee it!


Maximum Impact Resistance

CedarMAX is built to withstand nature’s harshest elements (not to mention the neighborhood kids). CedarMAX delivers up to 400% greater impact resistance than regular siding.

Maximum Performance

CedarMAX unique Super Polymer Formulation resists chalking, fading, cracking and warping to keep your home looking like new.

Maximum Protection

CedarMAX creates a breathable thermal barrier on your home that helps protect against rot, mold and mildew. And our insulated siding protects your home with a built-in pest control ingredient that deters termite infestation.

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