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Hanke Brothers weatherproof siding is manufactured by the Amish in Booneville Mississippi and is installed by real craftsman. Our overhead and prices are lower than the other guys and our jobs are guaranteed for a lifetime. It doesn't get any better than that. Hanke Brothers Siding is a complete wall system that offers a solid, contoured, fitted installation for your home that goes beyond ordinary siding.
Maximum Energy Savings
Hanke Brothers CedarMAX Insulated Siding allows you to stop the energy loss from your home.
     *Up to 40% of the heating and cooling energy is lost through wood wall studs.
     *Wall studs make up one-fourth of your home’s exterior.
     *It’s like having one entire wall with no insulation.
Insulated siding can keep cold air out in the winter and warm air out in the summer. Unlike traditional siding, our siding can save up to 20% in heating and cooling costs. With rising energy costs, don’t just invest in siding that covers your home, wrap your home in an energy-conserving blanket.
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*Wind load tested to 235 mph!
Maximum Impact Resistance
4x Greater Impact Resistance
CedarMAX has 4 times the impact resistance of regular siding (160 to 300 psi compared to 60 to 90 psi).
Solid Dependability
Unlike conventional hollow siding, CedarMAX Insulated Siding gives a solid foundation of support against, rain, hail, or your child’s fastball.
Maximum Performance
Super Polymer Formulation
Hanke Brothers CedarMAX Insulated Siding is precisely formulated of the finest high-grade raw materials delivering outstanding protection and performance. Our Super Polymer formulation resists fading, cracking, and thermal expansion and contraction.
In a busy household, scratches and abrasions can happen. That’s why we’ve carefully formulated a unique combination of inorganic pigments, additives, impact modifiers, and PVC resins to ensure color saturation and allow scratches to virtually disappear. Plus, it reflects heat away from exterior walls and deflects damaging infrared solar rays.
We’ve specially developed anti-weathering materials, including SPX-2000 UV Blocker, that are melded into the siding surface to fight exposure to the elements and the destructive effects of the sun’s UV rays. The result is long lasting color fidelity and maintenance freedom for your home’s exterior.

Hybrid+Solar Resistant Technology
Deep hued premium colors, known as Hybrids, are a distinctive design choice. Hybrids are infused with specially formulated thermoplastic polymers that achieve superior color retention and provide enhanced resistance to heat distortion, UV damage, and impacts.
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Maximum Protection
Lets Your Home Breathe
CedarMAX does not trap harmful water vapor that can result in the growth of toxic mold and mildew that causes wood rot or “sick home syndrome.”
Reduces Sound Transmission
Enjoy a more peaceful home. CedarMAX greatly reduces sound transmission into the home.

Does Not Support Combustion
CedarMAX is produced with a fire retardant additive that minimizes its contribution to a fire and does not support combustion.

Repels Insects
Discourage termites with Perform Guard®, a special additive incorporated into our Insulated Foam with a patented process. Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, Perform Guard® is non-toxic and safe to handle.
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energy saving siding in central arkansas

Siding Installation in Central Arkansas

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