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New windows can improve your homes comfort, value and appearance, but the windows you select can make a big difference in what kind of return you get on your investment. How do you begin to find the right window for your home when they all appear to be similar? Economy models may seem to be fine at first glance, but once you know what to look for in a window, you'll see what a big difference the little details can make. Hanke Platinum Plus Premium Windows feature state-of-the-art materials, precision engineering and proven construction methods for windows that last a lifetime. What if you could replace all the windows in your home with beautiful new windows that were maintenance free, eliminated drafts, made your home more comfortable, tilted in for easy cleaning, immediately increased the resale value of your home, saved you energy, saved you money, were guaranteed for life, and you could own the windows for free? Would you want to know about them? These revolutionary new windows do exist! They are exclusive to Hanke Brothers and they can save you enough energy dollars to pay for themselves. We think you will see why Hanke Brothers Premium Windows are one of the best investments for your home. Technology, engineering, craftsmanship, robotic precision manufacturing and people who care about every single window we sell means that we will offer only the best to you.
All the windows we use at Hanke Brothers come from right here in Arkansas. Since 1996, Window Mart® has been recognized as one of America’s premier manufacturers of vinyl windows and doors for outstanding quality, great value, and unsurpassed customer service in custom manufactured, premium vinyl window and door products throughout a twenty-state region.Nothing means more to us than you, our customer. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the quality of every product that we manufacture and we back it up with one of the best warranties in the industry.
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Hanke Windows

We offer a wide variety of window products that will virtually fill every need. From the most common windows to specialty windows and an array of options that can dress your home for optimum curb appeal and save your money. We want to offer you the best-performing and most beautiful replacement windows made today. From our top of the line Platinum Plus to our Kim Hanke Signature Series, we have a window that will fit every homeowners need and budget.

Custom made for your home
Unlike stock windows, which come only in standard sizes, Hanke Brothers Premium windows are custom made to the exact specifications of your home for better-performing, better-looking results, with no unsightly gaps to patch and paint.

Double Hung
Easy to open and clean, the double hung is a classic style that's been used in all kinds of homes for many years. We offer double hung designs that are the industry's most energy efficient.

Casement Windows
Hinged along one side and designed to swing inward, casement windows use a crank operating mechanism which creates a tight seal when closed. The most energy efficient style of operable window available.

Picture Windows
As the name implies, this style frames a beautiful outdoors view. Available in many sizes, they can stand alone or be used in combination with other styles to create dramatic designs.

Slider Windows
This style has a sash that opens horizontally to let fresh air flow in. Unlike the casement style, this style's sliding sash remains captive in the window’s frame, maximizing the interior space of your room.

Bay/Bow Windows
Bay and bow windows are combinations of casement or picture windows that project outward. This style adds lots of light and expands interior space.

Garden Windows
Popular for kitchens, a garden window adds light and space in any room. This style projects outward and opens at the sides for ventilation – it’s like having a garden right in your home.

Geometric Windows
For unique openings, we can create a custom geometric window to provide the perfect fit. We can curve or angle a frame to fit almost any shape you can imagine. Whether you’re replacing a special shape or looking to create something dramatic and new, there’s a geometric that will fit the bill. We can form our windows to any shape your home requires.
Premium Quality Materials for a Lifetime of Hassle-Free Performance 
Not all vinyl windows are created equal. Low grade PVC can bend, bow and discolor. That's why Hanke Brothers Premium Windows are made using the finest quality, specially blended, un-plasticized poly vinyl chloride, or uPVC, frames and sash. This new generation vinyl withstands harsh weather and wear-and-tear better. Your window frame and sash material will never rot like wood windows are prone to do. It will never corrode like metal windows. Consistent color throughout resists the appearance of scratching and look like new for years to come.

Superior Manufacturing Methods Ensure Superior Strength 
Many vinyl windows today are screwed or stapled at the corners just like wood or metal windows. Some are welded on very old, single or double-weld machines. The corners can separate and leak air and water. Hanke Brothers premium sashes and frames are fusion welded with robotic 4-point welding equipment that permanently fuses all four sides together into a single weather-tight unit, guaranteed to stay strong and square for the life of the window.
Insulated Glass Packages 
Our technologically-advanced, robotically manufactured, insulated glass packages offers insulating performance which can be tailored to your geographic location. The finest in multiple layered glass and argon or krypton insulating gas, along with super energy efficient “warm edge” sealing technology, assures maximum energy savings and resistance to condensation.
Barrier-fin Weatherstripping
Barrier-fin weatherstripping provides protection, minimizes drafts, dust, and pollen. It also help keep out noise, and protect against air infiltration.
Composite Sash Rail Reinforced With Kevlar®
The sash keeper rail in our double hung and slider windows are reinforced with a unique resin-based glass filled composite material. K-Beam™ utilizes Kevlar® fibers for additional strength and the lowest thermal conductivity meaning extra energy efficiency. Most manufacturers of vinyl windows today use aluminum or steel to reinforce their vinyl, which works like a thermal short circuit due to the poor thermal properties of the metal. K-Beam™, our advanced composite reinforcement with Kevlar®, assures maximum strength, energy efficiency and durability for the life of your home.
Duralite Flexible Spacer System
You’ll experience a more comfortable home environment, improved energy conservation and the resulting cost savings.By design, the Duralite® insulating glass spacer seals your window better and longer than other spacer options on the market, so you feel more comfortable near the window in any weather. 

Constant Force
When you choose a double hung window configuration there are additional features to look for.  Insulated glass is heavy, especially if you are using the higher insulating and more energy efficient triple pane glass combination. Balance hardware is used to help offset the sash weight so that a homeowner can operate their window with ease.
There are several balance types in use today. It’s important to know the differences because they can make a big impact on how smoothly your windows operate over time. Hanke Brothers Premium Windows use a new, heavy-duty, constant-force balance. Our balance is a Teflon®-coated, stainless steel coil protected inside a thermal housing which makes it strong, silent and thermally superior.
With a 3/4” inch steel band width and a fully encapsulated thermal chassis that resists dirt and dust accumulation, our  balance system will give you decades of effortless, maintenance-free operation. Spiral balancers are a thing of the past. Block and tackle balancers depend on a string, a spring, and pulleys that are housed in a metal chassis that does not help the thermal performance of the window they are in. 
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**Double Hung Windows**
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**Casement Windows**
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**Picture Windows**
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**Slider Windows**
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**Bey Windows**
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**Bow Windows**
**Garden Windows**
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**Geometric Windows**

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Glass & Insulation 

Insuated Glass Packages 
Our technologically-advanced, robotically manufactured insulated glass packages offer a choice of insulating performance which can be tailored to your geographic location. The finest in multiple layered glass and argon or krypton insulating gas, along with super energy efficient “warm edge” sealing technology, assure maximum energy savings and resistance to condensation.

  •  No Metal (no thermal short-circuit)
  • •60% Air (insulates better)
  • •Fights Conduction and Convection
  • •Laminated Barrier (impermeable to moisture vapor and gas molecules)
  • •Spacer Conductivity (condensation)
  • •Low-profile design (better thermals)
  • •No secondary seal (better thermals)
  • • pacer and Frame: True System
  • Less Conductive
  • Butyl Adhesive Best to Insulate
  • 50% of R-5 Certified Window Producers use Duralite®
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ComfortFoam™ Insulation

Strategic main-frame and sash chambers are fully insulated with softly expanding polyurethane foam insulation. Environmentally friendly and CFC-free, ComfortFoam™ has insulating properties that improve the overall thermal performance of our windows. Less energy consumption brings lower utility bills, saves money, and preserves the earth’s resources.
 While shopping for energy efficient windows look for the overall NFRC U—value to compare one window to another thermally. Only a few of the windows available today have a U-value rating low enough to qualify for the Federal tax credit. 
A. A unique sill dam which extends into the window mainframe for unitized strength and seal.
B. Our interlocking sill-sash rail keeps the sash in place against the sill dam weatherstrip when the window is under extreme wind-load stress.
 C. Our Q-lon® compression gasket system straddles the sill rail when the sash is
locked shut to add barriers and diversions for impressive water resistance.
 D. Comfort-Foam™ insulation.


Unlike many companies, our window installers work exclusively for Hanke Brothers and do nothing else but install windows. They don't install siding one week and windows the next. They are highly skilled, highly trained, and totally dedicated to giving our customers 100% satisfaction. A high end replacement window is capable of saving thousands of energy dollars if it is installed correctly. If it is not installed by an experienced craftsman, a vinyl window may not perform nearly as well.
Hanke Brothers installers take the time to make sure the windows they install will give their owners a lifetime of performance. They are perfectly aligned so that the window will always open and close properly. Each custom made window will be precisely fitted to prevent air leaks. Our craftsmen even replace curtains and blinds and clean the windows before they leave. You will not find any window installers with more pride in their craftsmanship, and their treatment of customers than those who work for Hanke Brothers

Window Installation in Arkansas

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