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Hanke Brothers has been serving the people of Arkansas for more than 40 years. After three generations we are still family owned and operated.Our long history of total commitment to customer service and satisfaction has grown our home improvement family to more than 100,000 happy and satisfied customers. Check out our great deals, low prices, and easy financing."From the front reception desk to our phone specialists and administrators, the goal of the Hanke Brothers Siding and Windows staff is absolute customer service. We believe in the idea started by Bud Hanke, the founder of this company; "If we help our customers get what they want, then our customers will help us get what we want." Our customers want the best products, quality service, and satisfaction. We want to continue to honor our promises for the rest of their lives.

About Us

Hanke Brothers has been in business since 1977 and earned a distinguished reputation. We work hard to provide our customers with top products, affordable prices, excellent service and an outstanding guarantee. We understand that our customers are especially valuable so we want every single one to be happy with our products, our company, and most importantly their homes. Hanke Brothers grows stronger each year and with our long track record you can be sure that we will continue to be here to serve you.
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Quality Installation by "Old-World" Craftsmen
The best products in the world won't perform as promised if not installed properly. That's why all of our installers are full time, highly trained specialists. Our craftsmen work exclusively for Hanke Brothers and are supervised by full time quality control inspectors. When you see the quality of our craftsmanship, you will likely agree that nobody comes close. 

Hanke Brothers is Fully Insured
In addition, Hanke Brothers crews are fully insured with worker’s compensation and public liability. Most people are not aware of it, but if someone works on your home, you are legally responsible for them. Today in Arkansas, over 80% of all home improvement crews working on job sites are not insured. That's 80%! If an un-insured worker is injured on your property, you could be responsible for their medical expenses. With Hanke Brothers you have total peace of mind.

No Job Is Complete Until You and Our Quality Control Supervisors Say It Is
We do not consider a job finished until you and our quality control inspectors say it is. The Hanke Brothers' supervisor in charge of your job is a full time company employee. That’s one of the reasons we can guarantee our material and labor for a lifetime.
From Start to Finish, We're Here for You
Our service department's sole function is to take care of our customers for as long as they have our products on their homes. The department is made up of trained professionals, both to make any repairs on location at your home or business and make sure jobs and claims in the office are handled efficiently and accurately. From the first stitch of paper logged from your first phone call to any service calls made in the future, your files are meticulously cared for and archived.
If you ever have a problem with our products, no matter what the reason, the Hanke service team is ready to handle your problem quickly and with the least amount of fuss. Our clients can feel confident that if a tree falls and damages their siding 10 years after the job is completed our experts can accurately match their product. Skilled professionals will come to the home and usually have exactly what they need to complete the job on the first visit. Many clients have been surprised by the speed and efficiency in which the Hanke service team has responded. The same service team that cares so meticulously for our clients have even been known to respond to the needs of those that chose to purchase from another company. From these actions many clients have switched products and joined the Hanke Family.
How do we satisfy our customers?
We strive to make sure that Hanke Brothers' products are the best available and our premium products come with a full lifetime material and labor guarantee. Kim and his quality control team have searched the country testing available products to insure that our products are the best you can buy. Each product has been researched and tested for beauty, quality and endurance.
You’re not only going to get a great product, but a great product at a great price. Our “Apples to Apples Lowest Price Assurance Guarantee” provides that no one can give you a comparable product, with comparable installation, and comparable warranties for less money. We are sure no one can beat our value. Our products have paid for themselves time and time again by saving energy, increasing appraisal value, eliminating high maintenance costs, and providing peace of mind.
Hanke Brothers takes great care to train all of our craftsmen. Because of our high standards we have created systems that we expect every installation to conform to. Our craftsmen work exclusively for Hanke Brothers and are supervised by full time quality control inspectors. We don't allow any job to be "slammed through" to get to the next one. The installers that stay with us appreciate our requirements and are proud of their work. Some of our craftsmen have been with us for more than 25 years and we believe they are among the absolute finest in the industry. We want only the very best for your home.
Since we have been in business for more than 30 years we have earned a huge customer base covering the entire state of Arkansas. We use excellent materials and our installations are top notch. In a perfect world that would be enough, but in reality things happen and from time to time our customers need our help. So we created a service department to satisfy those needs.
That's why so many people are not just satisfied, but pleased that Hanke Brothers helped improve their homes.
We take pride in our work, so our services are backed by our Hanke Brothers warranty. You can click the button to download a copy of the Hanke Brothers warranty. 

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